Simon Murray “Aka” Mr Specs

Stock from L&H NATHAN LTD.1790

We supply to the Film Industry in the UK and the world. ONSPEC ONTIC made the glasses and watches for all the ‘Alien’ films. Other recent placements include ‘Dark Shadows’ ~ starring Johnny Depp, the Batman film ‘Dark Night’ as well as ‘Tinker Taylor’, ‘Soldier, Spy’ and television work has ranged from Downton Abbey to C.S.I.

ONSPEC ONTIC believe that such exposure of spectacles has been beneficial to the optical market as a whole.The general public and the fashion scene are influenced by films and television, therefore, the appearance of spectacles in the latest movie can create interest in eyewear.

Besides supplying spectacles and watches for films and television, we also provided them for Ridley Scott’s 1984 ~ Apple Computer commercial, British Airways and Pirelli Calendars as well as sending them to Fashion Shows all over the world.

Our models stocked include copious frames and sunglasses from the years 1296 to 2020.

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