Simon Murray Eyewear *** Born to be Worn

When it comes up! You need Protection

The Man behind the lens(es).

Fondly known by his moniker, Mr Specs Simon is one of the unsung heroes of the film industry, as he has for over 40 years supplied handmade eyewear, film props and designed costumes for Hollywood greats and TV stars.  Like Madonna, Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, Michael Caine, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Radcliffe and countless others.

Handmade spectacles and signature sunglasses. Exclusive to Simon Murray***

The man behind many iconic bespectacled characters in moviedom.

Mr Specs shares his passion for his legendary handmade eyewear creations and museum spectacles. Meet the man behind the lenses. CLICK HERE to view a video depicting a small sample from his vast collections of famous, historic specs and film props that he regularly rents to the film industry.


Mr Specs the man who has created many famous bespectacled characters on both TV and the silver screen, for over 40 years. 

Onspec Ontic’s very own Simon Murray A.K.A “Mr Specs” with Willem Defoe in the historical drama of Tom & Viv. Directed by Brian Gilbert.


Almost all of the eyewear illustrations in this book have been selected from the extensive, private collection of the author Simon Murray.


Are you already “FRAMEUS”! Calling all celebrities, draw a pair of specs that best reflects you or a character you have played.

First displayed in the Millennium Dome in 2000. The exhibition continues to intrigue & delight residents & visitors around the world. 

The “Simon Murray” Classics collection, boasts a unisex range of tastefully modern, stylish and durable sunglasses at affordable prices.

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